Lenovo Legion Smartphone Is Coming Soon and Here Is the Scoop

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Lenovo as a company is mainly known for making excellent laptops. They make every kind of laptop imaginable. Thin and light laptops, industrial style laptops, productivity-based laptops, and gaming laptops. This article is being written on a Lenovo laptop. Their Ideapad series of laptops have become the benchmark in the business world. Lenovo also has a gaming division called legion. Just like the Asus ROG the legion division makes gaming laptops and hardware. Now it seems that Lenovo is going to expand its gaming division to make gaming smartphones as well. The Lenovo Legion smartphone is going to be their contender in the gaming smartphone category. 

Lenovo Legion SmartphoneSushant Singh | Pcquest

Lenovo has had a very unremarkable run in the smartphone market. Most of their products did not make an impact on consumers. The only thing Lenovo is remembered for in the smartphone world was their acquisition of Motorola in October of 2014. Now it seems Lenovo is determined to change that and make a name for itself in the gaming smartphone category. Lenovo Legion is an all-out gaming smartphone. It is so gamer that it doesn’t even have a portrait mode. The specs of the device are so over the top that even Asus ROG phones will have to take notice.



  • Screen – 6.67 inch AMOLED 
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • 128GB with 8GB Ram, 512GB with 12GB Ram
  • UFS 3.0
  • Dual Primary Camera: 64MP and 16MP
  • Pop up front camera
  • 5000mah battery with 90W fast charging
  • Dual Type-C ports
  • Dual Front Speakers
  • Liquid Cooling


Just by the specifications itself, it seems that the Lenovo Legion is going to batting for the top place in the mobile gaming paradise. Right now there are very few mobile devices that are ruling in the gaming category. The most obvious one is the Asus ROG Phone that is due for a refresh. Then there is the Xiaomi Blackshark which hasn’t been very popular and lastly the Nubia Red Magic by ZTE which has had some success since it positioned itself as the most bang for the buck option in the mobile gaming world. Looking at the competition only the Asus ROG line of gaming phones is going to be somewhat of a serious threat to the Lenovo Legion.  


What Do We Know About the Lenovo Legion?

Lenovo Legion SmartphoneSushant Singh | Pcquest

The Lenovo legion smartphone will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and if the rumors are true then the snapdragon 865 processor used in the smartphone is going to faster than the competition. This was done by Asus ROG Phone as well when it was launched for the first time. The Lenovo legion smartphone will also have liquid cooling that Lenovo is claiming will be the most superior yet. There are two type-c USB ports on the smartphone. One on the bottom and one on the side to ensure that your gaming sessions are seamless while you charge the device. Lenovo has confirmed that the Lenovo legion smartphone will have 90W fast charging which is unheard of in the smartphone world. The smartphone will have a custom UI on top of Android 10.0 and has 5G as well. 

Lenovo Legion SmartphoneSushant Singh | Pcquest

Lenovo has already released a photo showcasing the accessories that the Lenovo legion smartphone will support. Just like the Asus ROG Phone, there are tons of accessories from the start. The Lenovo legion smartphone will have a refresh rate of 144hz which is not surprising anymore but its good to see that the device has it. Most of the images floating around the internet showcase the smartphone being sideways which is how Lenovo is targeting it. It is a gaming device first and the phone is just an added afterthought. 

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