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LevelOne MUS 2500 is a multi-purpose mobile storage enclosure, which can take

a 2.5” notebook hard disk. It makes for an external storage for your notebook

and you can carry it around in your pocket.


It doesn't need any external power to run, as it draws power through the

USB ports. It has a password protection feature that protects your hard disk.

It came with a Toshiba 30 GB notebook hard disk drive for us to test it with.

Once connected to the PC you can extend USB devices such as pen drives or or

mice through USB hubs on the enclosure. LevelOne has provided a DC IN jack, as

they claim that some large capacity HDDs require additional power.

This MUS 2500 from LevelOne has an embedded 32 MB flash memory, with an

embedded OS that provides some useful features. It lets you backup all files in

your PC's My Documents, Outlook Express or your address book to the hard disk,

in just a click. Moreover, you can synchronize your PC data with the data on the

MUS 2500 hard disk.


The MUS 2500 is a little expensive for an enclosure, especially when you can

buy products like the Maxtor One Touch III mini edition (reviewed in July 2006)

which comes with 100 GB hard disk for Rs 9,500 and similar features.

Bottom Line: Good features and extra ports. Useful for those who want

to carry around their data.

Price: Rs 3,999 (3 yrs


Key Specs: Two USB ports, 1 mini USB PC port, DC power jack,
32 MB Flash memory

Meant For: Portable storage

Contact: Fozia Yasin, MINDS India, Delhi,

Tel: 9818299663,


SMS Buy 130164 to 6677

Sulabh Puri