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This plug-n-play 17" flat-screen monitor gets full marks
for its gorgeous, aesthetic looks, and attractive metallic color. Its flat
picture tube with 0.24-mm Slot pitch leaves a crystal clear image on the screen,
sharp enough to be viewed from fairly oblique angles. It can handle resolutions
up to 1,280×1,024 as long as your graphics card supports them.

The monitor has a viewable area of 16" diagonal. Its OSD
(on-screen display) can be viewed in six languages: English, Spanish, German,
Italian, French, and Portuguese. It comes with 36 display modes, 11 of which are
factory-preset, popular video modes.

LG Flatron 776FM 

Flat-screen monitor. Rs 22,300
Features: Moiré control, built-in speakers and microphone. 
Pros: Sharp images; good refresh rates; easy-to-use control panel.
Cons: Screen expands when turned completely white; slight misconvergence in the 
lower-right corner.
Source: Aditya Infotech
Khemka Centre
DDA Building
2-5 Nehru Place, 
New Delhi 19.
Tel: 11-6223810, 6452211 

The monitor settings can be adjusted through its OSD. It
provides moiré correction to enhance focus. The screen shape can be corrected
by balancing options like pincushion, trapezoid, parallelogram, tilt, corner
top, and corner bottom. The color adjustment option has two preset colors–6,500
k and 9,300 k. If the color appears uneven, you can adjust the overall purity
level by using the Purity option. When it gets blurry or brightened, you have an
option to change the video level from 0.7 V to 1 V and improve the image. Plus,
it supports all the regular functions like brightness, contrast, size, shape,
position, and degauss functions.

The Flatron also comes with a pretty good built-in audio
system, which doesn’t distort sound even at higher volumes. The Control Panel
let’s you adjust volume, bass, treble, balance, recording, and has another
button to mute the sound. It also has a built-in microphone and two jacks for an
extra microphone and headphone.

The Flatron employs a W-ARAS (Wide Anti-Reflective
Anti-static) anti-glare treatment, which LG claims reduces light reflection and
transmission rates to the lowest. We tested the monitor with the Nokia monitor
test. This test subjects the monitors to extreme conditions, which may not be
used in day-to-day functions. The overall test results were good with sharp and
well-focused images, and there was no moiré even at higher resolutions.
However, we did notice a slight horizontal misconvergence between red-blue
patterns at resolutions higher than 800×600, in the lower right-hand corner of
the screen. Also, in the screen regulation test the screen-size expands, when it
turns completely black from white. If the screen regulation is good, this
expansion should be minimal.

Overall, a good monitor to own and use, if you can afford it.

Anuj Gupta at PCQ Labs

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