LG’s X BOOM CUBE-OM4560 portable bluetooth speaker for party enthusiasts launched at Rs.17,990

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Good music is the soul of any great party, and for the good music to play out to create the right mood one needs a music system that lives up to the need of the hour. This is where LG comes to the rescue with its latest portable bluetooth speaker X Boom Cube-OM4560 gives users a great sound experience and create the perfect music environment for all your moods.

The OM4560 adds to the excitement to the party with its powerful amplifier that includes a 2500W PMPO output. This sound system is developed for music lovers around the globe.

Users can download the Music Flow Bluetooth app to enhance the functionality of the speakers. The MusicFlow Bluetooth is more than just a remote, it simplifies your listening and unites everything music into easy-to-use app. Some unique features of the LG Portable X Boom Cube are:

X-Boom Plus – This speaker encompasses both options, wired and wireless for more powerful sound expandability. Thus aiding users to connect two units to play music together.

Voice Cancellation & Key control: Voice Cancellation is a feature which allows users to enjoy normal audio song as Karaoke song by reducing singer vocal of music in the various sources like Bluetooth App /USB/ Disc (MP3/WMA/CD) after connecting the product with Microphone. Users can sing along and dance the night away and Key Changer adjusts the pitch of the song to suit your voice! For example, you can lower or raise the pitch to ensure you’ll always hit those hard to reach notes

Music Flow App: Through the LG Music Flow App, users can centrally manage their entire music library and control all Music Flow units in their home.

Sound Sync: This feature allows users to simply link their LG audio product with a compatible LG HDTV wirelessly via Bluetooth, reducing the cable clutter behind/beneath your TV.

Auto DJ –With one click of the button you can become the DJ at your own party. Users can create a seamless party playlists with LG’s Auto DJ mode. It blends each song into the next seamlessly, making it perfect for parties.

Multi 03 Device Connectivity via Bluetooth –OM4560 can connect up to three Bluetooth™ devices at the same time, letting you switch between them without the hassle.

FM –The speaker helps users tune in to their favorite FM radio station and Tune to listen your favorite FM radio shows and music with the help of 50 Presets

DTH Connectivity: OM4560 can connect with the DTH Setup box through an auxiliary cable and can enhance the Audio. It is simple to use and users can connect other musical instruments to get the party going.

Bass Blast – The sound system ensures an earth-shattering audio experience down to the deepest bass with a twenty sound equalizer

Portable In – The standard 3.5mm mini-jack input allows you to connect almost any music device that has a headphone output. Simply plug in and easily enjoy your music

Auto Music: The Music Flow Bluetooth application aids users to sync their phone to their speakers, thus allowing them to enjoy the same music inside the house as they were listing to outside the house. It Plays the Audio currently playing by tagging the Mobile to LG Bluetooth Audio.

Gesture Control – If you shake the smart Device (Mobile Phone etc.), the Connection will disconnect from the Speakers and will switch to the Smart Device.

USB Port – Users can just plug in a USB and enjoy stunning audio clarity and With XBOOM “CUBE” you can not only playback files on USB devices, but record Audio CD tracks on your USB, while playing the same on this System .

Powerful Playback- The sound quality of this speaker is top notch

Multi-color lights – The multi-color lighting on the speakers creates a feeling of a nightclub with an interplay of bright lights that liven up any occasion


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  1. Mohit
    #1 Mohit 27 January, 2018, 09:22

    I have recently bought this product and i am satisfied with the voice and bass of the product. Hoping for the best in future also

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