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‘LIKE’ crosses one million downloads

Celebrity Launch of the app ‘LIKE’ by Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, followed by his array of celebrity colleagues, has made news in the entire entertainment and tech industry.

The app Like went viral in no time with massive downloads both on Android and IOS platforms. The within a week the app reached a whopping number of one million downloads and is a product of Asia’s biggest live streaming APP company, BIGO LIVE.


The country that has been the hub for entertainment reality shows for quite some time now and has welcomed the app LIKE as a blooming platform for screenagers who are always enthusiastic about shooting videos and posting them on online platforms. The APP allows the broadcaster to make videos infused with embedded effects such as LASER EYE, BUTTERFLY, HEART, FROZEN etc.. Besides these effects, the app also lets the user can also lip sync to his or her favorite dialogues or songs to make the video more appealing.


The App is available on iOS and Google Play-Store in 10 different languages- English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, and Punjabi. The app is developed by BIGO Technology Pte. Ltd.


LIKE APP is technically upgraded with the most modernistic features that include high-performance client architecture to guarantee fluent user experience even on low-end mobile phones, fancy video processing effect and fast and fluent video play technology that defines the word best across a plethora of networks and tech arenas. An enticing amalgamation of lip sync videos and magical effects, APP LIKE is a complete stress buster and is a tech masterpiece for not just entertainment enthusiasts but for those who always seek an enticing equation of configurations every day.


The app is lightweight and measures roughly 50-60 MB and has easy sharing options.


Ashok Pandey: