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Managing network infrastructure from one place is really difficult when it
comes to large enterprises. And when there is a network failure primarily due to
cable cut at someone’s desktop, it really becomes difficult to trace it without
a proper device. This device is basically meant for the desktop support guys and
network technicians who frequently handle network connectivity issues. The
device is powered by 4 AA batteries which means complete mobility of the device.

This device tells you the length of the cable that you have attached to it.
Apart from this, it also tells each wire inside the cable is properly punched or
not. The good part of it is that, if the cable is broken somewhere, it
automatically detects the break point. To test this feature, we connected one
end of the cable on the LAN port and the other to the MAP port of the LinkRunner
Pro. It showed the connection of the wire i.e. straight or cross. Then we cut a
wire randomly from the cable and this device showed a wire disconnected (in our
case it was 4th wire).

For testing this, we connected a network cable from our production network to
the LinkRunner Pro. The home screen confirmed about the active connection on the
wire. Apart from these, the home screen of the LinkRunner Pro showed speed of
the connected network -full or half duplex, what is the length of the wire that
is connected to it , how much is the utilization of network, etc. Next we
navigated to the PING screen which showed us Tx/Rx summary. Further scrolling it
right showed details such as, IP address, response time, etc of routers, DHCP
server and DNS. If you have PoE featured Ethernet switch, then the PoE option in
this device shows voltage level for each Ethernet connecter pin. This device
also facilitates you to save upto 4 reports, each report contains the details of
home screen, ping and LLDP screen. The LLDP, EDP, CDP screen display the switch
MAC and IP address, switch name, ports, etc. The Flash Hub Port screen is an
option which periodically connects and then disconnects at a selective speed.
This helps in identifying to which port the LinkRunner Pro is connected. The
Configuration screen helps in viewing the LinkRunner Pro version, enable or
disable certain option, perform firmware upgrade, edit or delete reports, etc.

Rs 29,900 (1 year warranty)
Meant For: Admins of large networks
Key Specs: 1 LAN Port, 1 USB Port, 1 MAP
Port, 5 Navigation keys
Pros: TSmall Size, Easy to use
Cons: None
Contact: Fluke Networks, Delhi /
Phone: 011 – 450947810 – 40322000

SMS Buy 130365 to 56677

Along with LinkRunner Pro, with also received another device called the
IntelliTone Pro. This device helps in confirming the cable location, checks the
cable and detects faults. It works in combination with the LinkRunner Pro Toner
option. For testing this, we first connected a network wire to the LinkRunner
Pro. The LinkRunner Pro then generated a digital tone or two different analog
tones of 400 Hz and 1 KHz which will be used with IntelliTone for checking the
cables. Then we switched on the IntelliTone and followed the Ethernet cable
connected to it. The IntelliTone generated tone while traversing along with the
wire. And hence makes it easy to trace cables even if they are hidden inside
wall or floors.

Bottomline: In a large enterprise it will surely help troubleshooting
guys to resolve issue in minutes.

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