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Distro of the Month: CentOS 6.3

Includes LibreOffice 3.4, tool to convert live installations into virtual machines, and is 100% compatible with RHEL 6.3

10 Open Source Network Mgmt Tools

Perform real-time network traffic analysis, prevent network intrusions; measure ICMP response times, network transfer rates; and more

FrameFlow: Monitor IT systems and infrastructure including email alerts, reports, and dashboards.

Netcut: Use pure ARP to detect IP/MAC address, and control/change mac, network usage.

Virtual Wi-Fi Router: Share your Internet on your laptop over Wi-Fi.

Java Packet Analyzer 1.0: Java Packet Analyzer is a handy and reliable application designed to analyze network traffice. Java Packet Analyzer works for the following protocols: ARP, ICMP, IP and TCP. Capturing can be stopped at any time.

WildBlue Bandwidth Monitor WildBlue Bandwidth Monitor is a handy and reliable utility designed for WildBlue and Exede customers to track bandwidth usage.

IO Connection Analysis Beta: The IO Connection Analysis tool was developed in order to help users and provide a map with all the inbound and outbound TCP/UDP connections.

Snort Snort is a powerful network intrusion prevention system, capable of performing real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks.

Etherwatch Etherwatch was developed as a simple, small and Open Source tool that can manage to monitor your network traffic, search for images and Google search terms.

10 Hot Releases of the Month

We have accumulates best and latest utilities to fulfill your various needs from game to developers tools, to various other utilities. We have also included some well known antivirus updates to save your time and bandwidth

Neoclipse 1.7: Neoclipse is a useful application that allows you to view and to edit the properties and the relationships within a Neo4j database.

OpenCV 2.4.2: OpenCV, short for Open Computer Vision, is built to be a library that contains programming functions for real time computer vision.

BitNami JBoss Stack 7.1: BitNami JBoss Stack includes ready-to-run versions of Apache, JBoss, MySQL and Java and required dependencies.

RawTherapee Portable 4.0: RawTherapee Portable was created as a complex and useful tool that can help you process raw images.


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Alien Arena: A multilayer online death-match game that features incredibly smooth and fast game play with features such as ragdoll physics, real-time per-pixel and per-vertex lighting and shadows, skeletal models, lensflares, light bloom, weather, and GLSL shader effects on all surfaces. The game includes over 60 levels, ten weapons (with alt-fire modes), eight player characters, mutaters, six game play modes, and an in-game server browser and IRC client.

Anti-virus Updates

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McAfee AVERT Stinger 10.2

Norman Malware Cleaner 2.05

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1Prerelease

COMODO Internet Security Premium 5.10

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10

F-Secure Rescue CD 3.14

Norton Power Eraser 3.0

PCQ Virtual Store

Buy security suites at heavy discounts. See DVD for more info.

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