Logitech K 810: The New Generation Keyboard!

PCQ Bureau
New Update

This new keyboard from the Logitech Factory boasts of a smart and sleek body combined with some breathtaking features. This keyboard comes as a replacement for its previous K760 Solar Keyboard. It comes with a backlight which is self adjusting. It works with Bluetooth-enabled PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone, and is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT, iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini and Android 3.0 or later versions. Its keys are bright, sharp and easily readable, all thanks to the auto adjusting illumination feature, which adjusts the light of the keys depending upon the amount of light available in the room.

Its one-touch easy switching feature between devices works very smoothly. It also has a sensor to automatically turn on the backlight when you move your hands to the keyboard. There is another sensor present to control the backlighting based on the ambience light available. The keyboard is very simple to set up and follows regular procedures of Bluetooth pairing. The Bluetooth range is also pretty good when compared with other devices in the same league. The keyboard consists of a rechargeable battery which generally lasts for a month and can be recharged via a USB cable. One interesting feature here is that you can continue working on the keyboard while it is being charged.

The key travel in the keyboard is pretty shallow which makes for slow and boring typing. The keyboard's function keys also double up as setting and media keys. A considerable gap exists between the different keys, which imparts a very clean and sorted look to the keyboard. A distinctive feature of this keyboard is that being wireless, it is easily portable and can even be used outdoors with a tablet, laptop or a smartphone. All in all, this entire keyboard is a perfect blend of stylish looks and intelligent features.