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While working on your computer, when your mouse pointer moves over an icon, it hops slightly, making you feel as if it’s gone over a bump. When you move up from the Start button to Programs, you feel as if you’re going up a ladder. Pull down a scroll bar in any program and you feel as if you’re dragging something on a surface. When you cross a link while surfing, you feel a bump again. This is what working with Logitech’s iFeel mouse is like.

You can choose from different preset feelings like metallic, crisp, or spongy. If you select metallic, your desktop will feel like a metal base with metallic objects lying around. This is a fairly new technology so you won’t feel the effects in all applications right now. So if you’re using Word and you cross a button on a toolbar you won’t feel it. 

Some games also support the iFeel mouse but you’ll have to first download the patches for it from the Web. Quake, Heavy Gear II, Half-Life, and Unreal Tournament are among the games that iFeel supports. You can visit or
to make surfing with iFeel come alive for you. 

Your work won’t get better or faster if you use this product. But it will definitely make your computing experience better. We used the mouse for more than an hour and when we got back to our old mouse, it felt a little dull. 

This is an optical mouse–so it will be more accurate, won’t need a mouse pad, and won’t need cleaning every now and then. The mouse also looks and feels much better as compared to the standard ones. it is priced at Rs 3,600.

Contact: Rashi Peripherals 
E-mail: website:
Tel: 022-8260256-59 Fax: 8221012 

Sandeep Saxena in Mumbai

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