Machine Learning Helping Doctors To Generate Precise and Faster Prescriptions

Machine Learning is nothing but the process of building smart algorithms and workflows inside a tech application for a precise purpose.

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A brainchild of Dr Atish Laddad, The Pediatric Network (TPN) is an alternative child health support program that aims to acquire a holistic healthcare and wellbeing for every child. Its chief objective has always been to bestow children across India with a healthy and sheltered lifestyle by making positive alterations and advancements in the treatment methods and functioning of paediatricians.


Keeping this perspective in mind, TPN is all set to take its first steps towards embracing the path of digitalization by introducing Machine Learning a contemporary way to revolutionize the delivery procedure of medical prescriptions. This digital marvel is all set to change the traditional and mundane scenario typically witnessed in a medical clinic, wherein the patient enters the clinic’s reception to take an appointment and waits for hours until the examination to get a medical prescription.

Machine Learning is nothing but the process of building smart algorithms and workflows inside a tech application for a precise purpose. In the zone of paediatrics, this tech-savvy tool facilitates to produce medical prescriptions at a much faster rate as compared to the pen and paper. Going digital has always been a major challenge to health experts.

Prescription software’s are not only cumbersome to use since they involve too much of typing or search and select functionality but the additional distress of losing eye contact and a personal touch with their patients always lingers in a doctors mind. To address this misery, this doctor-friendly application that is set to penetrate into the health domain is a good example of how machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can play a vital role in refining our health.


The process of Machine Learning characteristically encompasses a code built into it to study how a doctor approaches a specific disorder and recommends drugs, lab tests, vaccination and preventive measures based on paediatrician’s previous behaviour patterns. The intelligent algorithms of the application analyses the doctors' data and facilitates the doctor to generate prescriptions in record time.

Machine learning is currently the talk of the town. Most technologists and paediatricians across the globe are adopting the technology, thus adding another dimension to their existing skills. This cutting-edge technology is sure to make a positive impact on the health specialists practice in time to come.

According to Dr, Atish Laddad, Pediatrician and Founder Member, The PediatricNetwork, “Most doctors want to adopt technology but they can’t do so as they love to interact with their patients. With technology inside a doctor’s cabin, the interaction quotient goes down as doctors have to spend more time on the machine than on their patients. By inculcating machine learning algorithms inside a prescription software, we have been able to ensure that the doctor generates intuitive, clean and error-free prescriptions as fast as pen and paper.

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