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The Problem: To serve rural customer in the best possible manner, including prompt information and issue resolution, it is necessary to have the branch connected to a central site for quick information retrieval. So, making the branch online became a mandate for Mahindra Rural Housing Finance, but connecting to remote locations was a concern because of poor infrastructure, low network reach making it non-feasibile to put Leased Line or any other wired media. If leased lines were available, then their delivery time was too high i.e. from 45 days to 60 days. Plus, maintenance of a leased line in remote locations is always a challenge because of support staff. So, connecting our branches with better media in lesser time was a challenge, but at the same time, dependency from one ISP for Services had to also be cut down.

The Solution: The company connected their remote branches over IPSec using IPSec routers through Internet without having any dependency on any one ISP. Moreover, the connection can be over wired WAN connectivity or over a 3G USB base dongle for creating the channel.

The Result: Now, the branch offices enjoy high availability that used to be limited to larger operations. There’s better redundancy because it supports multiple input sources (like leased line, wired broadband, and 3G data cards). Every site gets the right bandwidth at the right price, so you don’t have to manage several different access vendors.

Project Specs

Industry: Financial Services
Implementation Partner: Systronet Technologies
Deployment Location: Company’s various branches in rural locations
Best IT round cleared: Semi-Finalist

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