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There’s a plethora of players in this space as well, similar to managed network services. HP tops this segment as well, with IBM trailing by a wide margin, and only one more player making it to the users’ choice club this year-HCL Infosystems at the third spot in the 500-1000 employees category.

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In terms of brand loyalty both HP and IBM enjoy dedicated customers in the 100-499 segment with both scoring 100%. The 500-1000 employee enterprise segment throws up a little more challenge for HP than IBM with its loyalty rating dipping to 86%. HCL Infosystems has more worries though with loyalty ratings of just 50%. The good thing for HCL is that the remaining 50% are not sure which brand to switch to. Top of Mind (ToM) recall is dismally low in this segment, remaining less than 30%, despite having so many players. In the 100-499 segment, only 27% of the respondents could recall HP in ToM recall, followed by IBM at 14%. Similarly, in the 500-1000 employee segement, 22% of the respondents could recall HP as a managed security services provider, followed by IBM at 12%.

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Dwelling on the reasons for current brand ownership, 71% of those owning HP in the 100-499 segment cited brand value and reliability as the key reasons. In case of IBM, 100% cited reliability, and 60% gave initial price as the key reason. The 500-1000 segment reverses the scenario completely with HP tipping IBM over in brand value, reliability and after sales support ratings.

The future brand preferences for the 100-499 segment show 63% of HP’s likely customers vouching it for brand value while IBM scores just 38% here. Likewise HP scores significantly higher in after sales support at 44% to IBM’s 13%. Both score equally as far as reliability of their products is concerned.

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