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The Users’ Choice Club is topped by HP across both segments-100-499 employees and 500-1000 employees. IBM follows as a runners-up but has a fair distance to cover. A third contender, Bharti follows IBM in the smaller segment but there’s precious little to report about others. The large enterprise segment though witnesses Reliance and HCL Infosystems giving close competition to IBM. The loyalty index for all-Bharti, HP and IBM is a perfect 100% in the SME segment, which means they can rest comfortable as their current customers are likely to stick with them in the near future as well. Even the larger 500-1000 employees segment throws up a cent percent rating for IBM and a marginally lower 90% for HP. So, overall the loyalty run pretty high within this category.

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While searching for the key reasons for currently owning a particular brand among the 100-499 segment, we found that 83% of HP owners own it because of its brand value while 50% of IBM’s customers do the like. But reliability of product is where IBM gets cent percent approvals with HP getting just 50% from its current owners.

When asked to comment on the initial price of products offered by the two, 50% of IBM users quoted it as one of the reasons for currently owning the company’s products while the corresponding figure for HP was 33%. The two companies nearly square-up when compared on their after sales support. The 500-1000 segment shows similar ratings for HP except that it gets a far greater approval rating of 80% in after sales support.

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Future brand preferences within the 100-499 segment throw up similar patterns with 80% likely to choose HP for its brand value and 50% likely to go with IBM for this. The after sales support figures for both companies also square up again. In the 500-1000 segment, HP again gets similar ratings as it did from its current owners, except that its after sales support approvals this time are at 50%.

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