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Like most other categories in the managed services segment, the managed
systems services category also has a lot of vendors fighting it out to gain a
spot in the User’s Choice club. Only 5 brands made it to the elite club this
year, with HP claiming the top spot and IBM following at a distant second. The
remaing three, HCL, Wipro, and CMS were far behind IBM.

41% of repondents were subscribing to HP’s system services, followed by IBM
at 24%. HP also enjoys the highest top of mind recall with 48% of respondents
naming it in context of managed system services.

Users’ Choice Club 2010
HP and IBM have retained their 2009 positions, while HCL Info has replaced
Wipro at 3rd position.
Future Brand Preference
Product reliability is the biggest reason given by users likely to opt for
services from the top two brands.

In brand preference, product reliability was the biggest of all four reasons
for users to consider shifting to the top two brands in the near future,
followed by initial price, after sales support/service, and brand name as the
last reason. It seems brand name doesn’t hold much merit when users choose a
brand for managed system services.

HP has very strong brand perception across eight industries we went to, as
well as all the four geographic zones. IBM was very strong in the manufacturing
segment and strong in the remaining industries. IT was very strong in both east
and west, and a little weak in north and south in managed system services. The
remaining brands are either weak or very weak across the board.

Brand Loyalty 2010 vs 2009
HP saw the lowest brand loyalty score, which has declined by 15% over the
last year. Wipro saw the biggest gain here.

Wipro enjoys the highest brand loyalty, with 71% of the respondents who were
using its services saying that they were likely to continue using it in the
future as well. HCL had the second highest brand loyalty, followed by CMS, IBM,
and HP. This should obviously be of concern to the top two brands. In fact,
HP has seen a decline in brand loyalty over last year. CMS was the only other
brand to witness a decline, as the remaining three brands enjoyed slight gains
in brand loyalty score.

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