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This is another new category that we’ve added to our analysis, given that
most CIOs today are looking for managed services partners to manage their IT
infrastructure in whole or in part. The key brands that have made it to the
Users’ Choice future ready club are HP, IBM, Microsoft, Tata/VSNL, and finally

Overall, all brands need to improve their persuasion levels. That’s because
the conversion from top of mind recall to likelihood of purchase is still not
happening as much. Their brand pull situation is positive though, with all of
them gaining pull. Both of these are bound to happen because choosing a managed
services provider is not easy and requires a considerable amount of time and
planning. Similarly, once something has been given to a MSP, switching to
another MSP is not a simple decision. Let’s now analyze the individual brands.

Amongst all the brands, HP is the most future ready. On the relative brand
persuasion index, it’s in the number two position, and at number three in brand
pull. HP enjoys 67% brand loyalty, with 14% of its existing users saying they’re
likely to shift to another brand, and a majority of them preferrd IBM for the
same and some opted for Microsoft.

IBM is the next most future ready brand, and is quite far behind HP. In terms
of brand persuasion, IBM is at the fourth spot, but it tops the charts when it
comes to brand pull. So there are more users likely to switch into the brand
than switch out. IBM is at 61% brand loyalty, with 13% likely to switch to other
brands, mostly to HP and Microsoft.

Microsoft’s future readiness index is 41%, which stands for a likely future
share of 6%. It’s the least persuasive on a relative scale as compared to other
brands, but at the same time is number two when it comes to brand pull.
Microsoft needs to watch its customers, because brand loyalty is the lowest of
all brands, at 42%. 15% of its existing users are likely to shift to other
brands, but the joker in the pack is the 42% users who’re not sure which other
brand to shift to.

Tata/VSNL is close on the heels of Microsoft, with a relative future index of
35%, and a likely future share of 5%. The good news for this brand is that it’s
the most persuasive of all, but needs to improve its brand pull, because there
it lands at the second last spot. The best thing for Tata/VSNL is that it enjoys
the highest degree of brand loyalty amongst its existing customers. The figure
is at 82%, with a mere 5% likely to switch to another brand, and 14% who’re not

Wipro is the last in the relative future readiness index at 19%, and a likely
future share of 3%. It has overall mediocre brand persuasion, pull, and loyalty
figures. Hopefully, we’ll see it speed up by next year.

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