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ISPConfig 3, licensed under BSD, is an Open Source hosting control panel. It
seeks to soothe complications you might face during the set-up of different
services on public servers (Apache) such as DNS, multiple unique domain name
websites and email accounts on those websites. For instance managing a DNS
server using the config file manually is pretty difficult, which becomes much
simpler through ISPconfig. Setting up ISPConfig can be challenging, but after it
has been configured, using it is like a breeze. The steps for installation for
most Linux distros are similar.

ISPConfig lets you configure different services through a web browser. In
this article we guide you on how to prepare a Red Hat based (x86_64) server for
its installation.

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Applies To: Web admins, ISPs Price: Free
USP: Multiple server control panel for admins
Primary Link:

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From Apache web server, Postfix mail server, MySQL, MyDNS, Pure FTPd to
ClamAV, it lets you configure all these services and more through a web browser.
Common server administration and operation tasks, such as creating lots of new
user e-mail accounts, adding websites etc is also simplified.

Configuring ISPConfig
The installation of ISPconfig is pretty well documented at its website, so
we are not going to take you through the entire installation steps. For this
simply refer to Instead we will talk about some key
challenges that we found while giving it a try.

To install ISPConfig onto your systems you can simply download the .iso image
of the OS that you want to install. You can install ISPConfig3 on Fedora 12
x86_64, OpenSUSE 11.2 x86_64, CentOS 5.4 x86_64, Ubuntu 9.10, Debian Lenny (Debian
5.0) and Fedora 10. We installed it on Fedora 12 x86_64.

While installing the OS you need to keep a couple of things in mind. First
you manually need to give a hostname to the installation. This hostname should
correspond to the registered domain name which you have on the Internet. Then
you have to give a static IP address and a gateway to it. A DHCP will not work
as ISPConfig assumes that the machine should either have a static Internet IP or
a static LAN IP which can be Natted for external access.

You can monitor the state of a server in real time. This feature is pretty
handy in real world usage and is not available with cPanel.

In our test bed, we didn’t configure it with a live domain name, rather
tested it on our LAN with a random domain name. We gave ‘server1.’
as the hostname followed by the LAN IP and the gateway.

You have to install all packages and reboot. After this, disable the firewall
and then edit the “device param” and “DNS configuration”.

Common errors
While installing suPHP, we got stuck in the


In case you face the same error, then run:


Next, you need to manually create the file “ /etc/suphp.conf
” and restart Apache.

Once the configuration is over, check the panel by typing
the URL http://IP address:8080 or http://hostname:8080. Login with the default
username and password as ‘admin’.

Other web hosting control panels

AlternC: Based on Debian GNU/Linux system, is an
open-source hosting control panel. It is a web-based control panel used to
manage user accounts, web services(e.g domains, emails, ftp accounts etc).
You can also customize the web panel quickly and easily with the help of
documented API.
To simplify the management and administration of web sites is one
of it’s target. Apart from this, Plesk is used by leading hosting providers
worldwide for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting.
Cube Panel:
Available for Linux and Windows platforms, it is the
solution for the complete automation for your servers at a competitive
echoPanel:, browser based web server control panel that is
targeted to simplify your day to day hosting tasks. In it’s secure and
simple interface you can create and manage Windows IIS Websites, DNS
Entries, Domain Aliases etc.
Developed for UNIX web hosts, ASM is a web-based account manager.
The clients can manage services such as FTP accounts, POP3 accounts etc
without having to email support.
A free web-hosting control panel for GNU/Linux systems.
Through a completely web-based interface, it permits control of domains and
email accounts.
This hosting control panel is specially designed to run on 32
and 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux web hosting servers. Some of the functionality
of this hosting panel includes provision for more disk space, FTP accounts,
database, directory security etc. Administrators can create public and
private hosting plans, the panle supports Paypal payments and use of an
integrated support ticket system. This hosting control panel is written in
PHP and is published under the GPL.
This hosting control panel works with many Linux Distributions.
It is a GPL control panel specifically designed for UNIX server
administrators, allowing them to configure and manage web servers. Baifox is
fully compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 is accessible using a HTML and
Javascript inteface.

In case you are not able to login, then replace

vi /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/
: Line 49

with the following line

set_magic_quotes_runtime(0); with

Also replace,

vi /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/classes/ Line 1230



and replace Line 1232 with


In the table we compare ISPConfig with cPanel, a popular
web hosting control panel.

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