Matrix certifies Interoperability of Grandstream IP-DECT Phones with NAVAN CNX200 and ETERNITY IP-PBXs

New Update

Matrix Comsec and Grandstream networks jointly announced the successful completion of interoperability between Matrix NAVAN and ETERNITY range of IP-PBXs and Grandstream cordless DP715/710 IP-DECT phones. Matrix is a manufacturer of IP phone systems and VoIP-GSM gateways and Grandstream networks is a leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and IP video surveillance solutions.

In today's highly mobile and dynamic work environment, employees spend most of the time working away from their desks. Due to such workplaces, employees often face disconnect with co-workers for important business communication, resulting in loss of business opportunities. The interoperability of Matrix IP phone systems with Grandstream cordless IP-DECT phones provides freedom to roam anywhere inside the office and still be reachable to co-workers.

Grandstream DP715/710 cordless IP-DECT phones offer industry's best wireless VoIP solutions with excellent voice quality, affordability and wide indoor/outdoor radio coverage for mobile communications. The plug-n-play installation and wire-free operation eliminates the need for physical wiring on user desks. With tight integration of Matrix NAVAN CNX200 and ETERNITY IP-PBX features, Grandstream IP-DECT users can connect as cordless extension of the system and access range of call management features of IP-PBX systems such as call pick-up, transfer, forward, conference, voice mail and many more while working from anywhere inside the office building, campus or cafeteria.

"Matrix and Grandstream have worked together in the past to offer innovative technology and business solutions to deliver high customer value. Interoperability with Grandstream DECT phones will enable Matrix partners to offer wireless office solutions and differentiate against competition," said Sajeev Nair, Matrix Marketing Manager - Telecom Products.


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