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The Max 625 VA UPS comes in two models, the SLK (sleek)
and the NRL (normal). The NRL, has three outlets and with a flat, rectangular body,
manages a very low sleek profile despite a larger foot print and you can slip it under
your table. The SLK’s name is a misnomer. It has a large, boxy body that despite a
smaller footprint is difficult to store under the tables and has only two power outlets.
You also run the risk of accidentally switching it off. Other than these, there was no
apparent differences between the two models’ performance. For the ratings, we tested
the Max 625 SLK.

625 SLK

A heavy 625 VA off-line UPS available in
two models–normal and sleek. Float voltage is within limits. Poor regulation.
Optional external batteries. Rs 8,500. Ranking: 12 (of 17 tested) Efficiency: 81% at 304 W
Switchover time: 7.8 ms Backup time: 9 minutes

At 625 VA, this has the second highest VA rating. The
front panel consists of two switches marked Mains and Inverter, and two corresponding
LEDs. The Max UPSes have the facility of connecting external batteries, and thereby
increasing the back up time. During our tests, we did not use external batteries.

Interestingly, the Max is one of the few UPSs where the
battery float voltage is within allowable limits. It also lowest price per VA

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