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33.6 k fax/voice modem. Rs 2,187

Features: 33.6 kbps; plug-n-play. 

Pros: Download speed between 2.56 to 1.69 kbps.

Cons: Installation isn’t smooth.

Source: Golden Gate Internet, 

10-1-17, 5th Floor

Dana Chambers


Hyderabad 500028

Tel: 40-3317118, 3323256 



When most modems available today are 56 kbps-enabled, it was somewhat surprising to receive a 33.6 kbps modem for review. This one evoked mixed

responses about its overall appearance. Some found its black metal body with silver lines to be very attractive, while others thought otherwise.

A plug-n-play modem with drivers for Win 9x/NTIt’s a plug-n-play modem with drivers for Win 9x and NT. The installation was lengthy and it installed two drivers–v.34, 33.6 modem for Win 98.

After installation, we tested the modem using a MantraOnline account and a pulse line. It took 11-12 seconds to handshake for establishing a connection. After that, the connection was pretty stable. The modem gave us throughputs ranging between 1.69 kbps to 2.56 kbps for a 306 kB file.

Given the modem’s price and performance, it’s good value for money. It comes with all the standard components–an RS232 cable, RJ11 telephone connector, and a detailed manual explaining all the AT commands. The software bundle isn’t very attractive, and includes Super Voice fax/voice software, and IE 3.