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If you are looking for a portable, high capacity storage and backup solution, then Maxtor One Touch HDD is for you. It is a good option especially for design professionals who work with very large file sizes, and need to carry them around. Compliant with a Mac or PC, it can hold up to 250 GB data and has a USB 2.0 interface. 

The drive integrates a one-touch backup solution, with a button on the drives front panel with which you can do system backup using the bundled Retrospect backup software. This button can be customized to do automated, timed and password protected backups. It also has a disaster recovery feature, which enables you to use your OS’s CD and a snapshot of all the data on the Maxtor drive to create an ISO image of a bootable CD. This is a great way to restore your data in case the system crashes. 

We tested the drive for backing up 10 GB of regular office application data, and for the raw data transfer rates. With the Retrospect software, it took 55 mins to backup all 10 GB of data, with file verification and software compression turned on. The same took only 10 mins when verification and compression were disabled. It appears that file verification and compression were eating up most of the time. Also, once the full backup is done, subsequent backups only back up changes to the original data.


Price: Rs 19,500 

Key Specs:
High capacity, decent performance, good price

Cyberstar, Delhi.
Tel: 26438216. 


In the case of HDtach, the drive gave a maximum throughput of 19.38 MB per sec, minimum of 7.28 MB per sec and an average of 18.92 MB per sec. These were similar to the Iomega external drive that we reviewed in the last issue. On the other hand, in the packet transfer tests, this drive gave much better throughputs than the Iomega. These were 14.52 MB per sec while writing to disk as against 7.4 MB per sec of the Iomega, and 20.48 MB per sec while reading from disk, as against 14 MB per sec given by the Iomega drive.

Also the drive has a lower cost of Rs 78 per GB as compared to Iomega’s Rs 375 per GB. Considering the lower price, features and good performance, the drive is a good buy.

Geetaj Channana

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