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This external storage box comes with 1 TB of storage and provides you with an
option to store all your data on a single shared storage. It comes with the
option of RAID 1 (Mirroring), so it copies all the data for an extra level of
security though at the cost of some disk space (500 GB). It’s very easy to use,
all you need to do is to install the software and it automatically detects the
Maxtor NAS for you. It comes with 2 USB ports which enable you to easily add a
printer or connect any external drive for more storageand has 1 Gigabit Ethernet
port. The software provides you the option to drag and sort any document-it will
organize your files, placing them in appropriate shared folders. You can also
view the backup and storage details of all users, using Maxtor Simple View

We ran Net Bench on this device with 12 clients running 1 engine each. It
gave a throughput of 45 Mbps, though it didn’t dip beyond 42 Mbps, which is
good. We increased the number of engines to 2 and got a maximum throughput of 52
Mbps but this dipped to 42 Mbps by the time it executed the 12th client. The
only concern is that when we configured it in RAID 1 the maximum throughput
dropped to 36 Mbps. It is a good buy, considering that with the cheaper options,
like Thecus N2100 Y.E.S. Box (reviewed March, 2007), you have to buy the disks
seperately, which makes their total cost even higher.

Bottomline: At this price, a good option for small-sized businesses.

Price: Rs 33,500 (1 year warranty)
Key Specs:
1 TB of storage, 2 hard disks
(7200 rpm), 16 MB cache buffer, USB 2.0

Seagate Technology, Delhi

SMS Buy 130782 to 6677

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