Meet the New Windows 10 Store

One unified application platform for all your Windows based devices is what the new Windows 10 store promises

Rohit Arora
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Windows 10 has introduced a new Windows Store, which is Microsoft’s attempt to unify the Windows 10 experience across all devices such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones.


End users will be able to look for apps, games, music, movies and TV shows on their PC, tablet, or a Windows phone at one single place. This is like an online store, which combines the Windows PC store and Windows Phone Store into one big virtual shopping mall.


Xbox users will also be able to check and download games and other gaming gears right through the unified platform. Moreover, all the new devices of the Windows family, which includes HoloLens, Surface Hub, and IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi 2 will now have one unified store for app distribution and updates.


Besides this, Microsoft has geared up to provide a common experience for all Windows 10 developers as well. With the universal application approach, developers can create the code for an application once and then simply tweak the app to run on PCs, tablets and phones of various sizes. This will substantially cut the development time and expenses and will encourage the developers to create a number of applications for both Windows PCs and mobile devices. This is also the need of the hour as Windows ecosystem is still lacking behind the Android and iOS with a huge margin in the application base.

And as we said earlier, Xbox console will also be a part of this and the game developers can also use the common code to develop games. This in turn will open the gates for a wide variety of high quality games on Windows tablets and smartphones. The other changes in the Windows store include a “My Library” feature that will display all the content purchased from the store by the Windows user id just like Google’s Play Store’s “My apps” section.

There will be an option to toggle automatic application updates and a download icon on the home page to show the status of the ongoing and pending downloads.

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