Meet World’s First Thermal Imaging Camera Phone

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There is a growing need for affordable security equipment in India in professional working environments where right temperature needs to be monitored constantly. These could include sectors like the fire service departments, Facility Management, Security Solution companies, Data Centers (IT & Tech companies) & SME’s. Thermal imaging was once only used by firefighters who needed it and big companies who could afford it.

Smart buildings and intelligent preventions are a need of the hour, yet most preventive measures and equipment potential is limited to imagination or budget constraints. With the recent launch of the Cat S60 in India at INR 64,999/-, lir_cats60_fire

the first smartphone with an embedded FLIR thermal camera, things are about to change. The device is the first of its kind to include a thermal imaging camera and is a hybrid of commercial and industrial technology blowing away all preconceived notions about who can access the infrared spectrum and how.


This smartphone is a combination of Caterpillar’s ruggedness and FLIR’s imaging prowess, with a strengthened die cast frame and 4.7-in. HD Gorilla Glass 4 screen allowing it to withstand a 1.8 metres drop onto concrete; a lockdown switch for the speakers rigs it for submerged operations up to 5 ft for 60 minutes. The FLIR Lepton longwave infrared imager gives the user the ability to read heat signatures with temperatures ranging from -20° to 150° C (within ±1-2° C) and a distance of 50 to 100 ft. The feature helps detect changes in a wall’s surface temperature which may have been caused due to a blown hot water pipe or overheating circuit breaker, for example. Pipes, studs, and infestations do become visible because they are changing the temperature of the surface.

Other FLIR features include: still image, panorama, night vision and video capture; changeable heat palettes; temperature spot meter; and min, max, and average temperature data. It also came with a software developer kit, which allowed anyone to create their own apps leveraging the thermal capabilities. A thermal image through the Cat S60 scan can quicklyshow if machines are operating correctly, highlighting electrical fault or fire alarm calls in the region’s industrial sector, covered in sprawling metal-clad buildings. It also enables you to monitor power cables, ensure the bonfire has been completely extinguished or perform preventative plumbing maintenance.

Detecting humans through body heat beyond the smokey haze, in cases of fire/ short circuit, the ability to recognize and see a crisp image of the building layout showcases the effective capabilities of the device. This in turn can be the superpower one needs in life or death emergency rescue operations. The device can additionally be useful in locating the terror in an army escapade or muggers in a dark alley, which was never this easy and could be now done by press of a button, with a device always stationed in our pocket.


For the outdoor types, this device can be used as an important camping tool. The avid camper can effectively use the de facto night vision to spot wild animals lurking in the dark and also ensure that the campfire is completely out with thermal imager and be responsible and make sure they are not potentially starting a forest fire. The waterproof capabilities of the Cat S60 would be as effective for a daring water rescues.

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