The meta Fennec and CR 56 loadouts for Warzone

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The Season 4 of Warzone arrived with a lot of content which included 2 new guns, Fennec and CR 56. Both the guns are modeled after real-world weapons, the Fennec after the Kriss Vector and Cr 56 after the Ace 32 which is based upon IWI’s Galil platform 

As is with every Warzone weapon, the guns truly shine when they are kitted with the correct attachments. Many pros have tried their hands at both of these weapons and here are the best attachments for both the guns 


ZR 18” Deadfall 

Merc Foregrip 

Tac Laser 

Slight of Hand/Stippled Grip tape/No Stock/GI Mini Reflex Stock 

40 Round Mag 

Of all of these, the 40 Round Mag is highly important, since Fennec has a very high rate of fire. This also means it shred the opponents easily. I would recommend going for Slight of Hand if you are playing anything other than Solos, since the reload speed on this weapon is abysmal, especially considering it is a CQC weapon. One of the biggest downsides of Fennec is its range, but at close quarters, it is giving MP5 a very tough competition. 

CR 56 

Monolithic Supressor 

XRK Zodiac S440 

VLK 3.0x Optic 

Merc Foregrip 

45 Round Mag 

The CR 56 is weapon with 7.62 Ammo instead of the regular 5.56 ammo most ARs use in Warzone. This means it has got a bit of a kick, and hence the Merc Foregrip. While this weapon does make a good case for replacing GRAU in the mid range fights, it falls short for long range engagements because of its recoil.  

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