Microsoft Announced its PC Game Pass to be Available in 40 More Countries

Microsoft has revealed a test version of its PC Game Pass subscription for 40 new nations worldwide

Kapish Khajuria
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Microsoft has revealed a test version of its PC Game Pass subscription for 40 new nations worldwide. 86 new countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East have now been added to the gaming service's geographic reach as a result of this deployment.


The preview will be made available through the Insider Program's Xbox Insider Hub app, which offers early access to new Xbox gaming features.

What is PC Game Pass ?

The PC version of Xbox Game Pass is PC Game Pass. It charges a single monthly fee for access to hundreds of games, from sports games to action shooters. The Xbox first-party franchises Halo and Gears of War, as well as well-known third-party games like Guardians of the Galaxy, are included in the subscription's selection of games. In addition, Xbox Game Studio titles are delivered to subscribers on the day they are released.


Beginning on February 28, the company claims that PC Game Pass will be accessible to "insiders" in nations like Qatar, Egypt, Croatia, Ukraine, and Paraguay. Users will be able to play the vast selection of games that are included in the subscription right away.

The PC Game Pass preview will be available for a "special testing price" for the first month to those who download the Xbox Insider Hub app and register for the program, according to the official announcement.

In addition, Microsoft confirmed that the preview rollout is still in progress and will commence in the "coming months" in the aforementioned nations.

The PC Game Pass comes with a bundled EA Play membership that lets you play games from Electronic Arts, a major game publisher. FIFA 22, It Takes Two, The Sims 4, and Battlefield 2042 are a few of the most well-known EA games that can be played with PC Game Pass.

In India, PC Game Pass currently costs Rs 349 per month. A one-month subscription costs Rs 50 for new users.