Why you should watch Midas Mode 2.0 this year

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If you are out of the loop, Midas Mode is a Dota 2 game mode developed by Moonduck studios. It is the branichild of Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner and Andrew “Zyori” Campbell. This mode features a macro economy represented by Moonbucks, which is used to buy everything, from hero picks to bans to glyphs. This year, Midas Mode 2.0 brings more features into the fray, including VR Roshan, superpowered Roshan and creep takeover. 

It is a bit complicated, but this video will help you understand how it works: 

But this creative idea isn’t the only reason you should watch Midas Mode. Midas Mode is much more than that. It is going to be a memefest. There’s nothing less you should expect from SirActionSlacks. I mean look at his chart topping single for the first Dota Short Film Contest:

Even before the tournament has actually begun, the memes have started pouring in. Look at the literal Ana Io. It’s a masterpiece. And this Io will be available to play in the tournament.

Ana io for Midas mode 2.0Screenshot from SirActionSlacks

The tournament will also feature ESL Kunkka and a Mars Curiosity Rover Courier. And since this tournament is not going to have an effect on Dota Pro Circuit, you can expect a lot of trash talk as well. Speaking of which SingSing will be playing in tournament. His team is called Sir Sadim’s Stunners, which will also include SynderN and Gorgc among others.   

Moonduck Studios have actually managed to get legendary teams and players for the tournament. For one, the full stack of OG will be playing in the tournament, before Ana and N0tail take time off to blow away the $3million each of them earned after TI9. Well, Ana did spend some of that to buy a decent PC (I wonder what he did with the previous $3million from TI8). 

Midas Mode 2.0 will also be featuring the TI1 stack of Navi and the TI3 stack of Alliance, along with the Chinese Legend, BurNing’s own team. Talk about the hype. 


Midas Mode 2.0 seems so promising that even Valve decided to reschedule their DPC Minors so that players would be able to participate in the tournament.  

The tournament will start on 24th September and will have a prize pool of $150,000, which is astonishingly high for a tournament of this size.  



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