5 Fitness apps to monitor your diet, health & workout

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Are you too busy to work out or don’t want to pay thousands over a gym or to a trainer to attain a healthy body and stay fit? In the digital world today, there are online fitness apps and experts at your fingertips. These 5 Fitness apps are your accountability partner and help you monitor your diet, health, workout and other things to stay fit. Also for those who do not have time to schedule heading to the gym or moving outside can easily be benefited by these Fitness apps.


Fittr –  The app fittr offers automated nutrition chart, nutrition tracker, training tool, etc., it provides customized recipes to users and helps them graphically track individual body metrics and follow the right fitness routine – anytime, anywhere. Once the user feeds in the required data like his/her age, weight and other health details, the app automatically generates a plan based on the information shared. FITTR has several transformational challenges in store for individuals to participate in and is taking the message of staying healthy the natural way to the last mile with its unique features and approach, emerging as a new ray of hope for people who have tried everything to get fit and failed.

healthify me

Healthify Me – Healthify Me is a fitness app that lets you track a range of things. Starting with food, it helps you keep a track of the number of calories you’re putting in your body. Moving on, it also helps you track your water intake and whether you’ve hit the required amount. Other than that, it tracks your physical activity and also lets you be in touch with people that share similar goals through the groups. There are also challenges you can be a part of which encourages people towards health & fitness.


Home Workout Home Workout app does exactly what it says: You don’t need trainer or gym equipment for bodybuilding. The app is primarily aimed at offering daily workout routines. It provides workouts for abs, chest, legs, full-body and more. Some of the features of this app include warm-up and stretching routines, automatically recording your training progress and more. It also provides detailed video and animation guides. Bodybuilding aside, the app also focuses on strength training, fat burning workouts and more.

7 Minute Workout –  If you happen to be someone who doesn’t want to spend more time working out, this app called Seven could be really helpful. The app wants users to not spend more than seven minutes on a workout.

7 Minute Workout

It also has a fun reward system to keep users engaged and sharing achievements, stats, and goals with friends. You can also choose to compete with your friends and see how they do with their workout.


MyFitnessPal –  MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter app that can help users meet their calorie goals. It can keep a check on your food habits and set the goal accordingly.

One of the main highlights of the app includes the recipe import feature that determines the nutritional stats of your homemade meals. Interestingly enough, the app keeps an eye on restaurant order recommendations as well to help users make healthy choices while eating out.

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