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Notebooks are a boon for travellers. They give you the mobility and freedom
to carry all your data, applications, etc wherever you travel. Have you ever
wished that you could carry the same data and applications without really
lugging a laptop around with you? Maybe instead of a laptop, carry a small
device that fits in your shirt’s pocket? Well, that’s exactly what RingCube
Technologies has introduced. It’s a desktop virtualization software called
MojoPac. It can be installed on any USB storage device and used to capture
personal settings, configurations, applications and data files from your
personal computer. By connecting a MojoPac installed device to any Win XP based
PC, you can have your own personal desktop created on that host PC.

$49.99 (1 license)
Meant For: Mobile executives
Key Specs:
Supports Win XP based PCs, USB 2.0 storage
Complete access to host resources; isolates working
environment from host PC
No security features
9945031390 Email:
131181 to 56767

MojoPac currently supports Windows XP based computers. It is a small
installable file of about 8 MB that can be installed on any USB 2.0 compliant
device, be it an iPod, mobile phone, pen drive or portable HDD. Once MojoPac has
been installed, you can log on to the MojoPac desktop that runs from the
portable device. It converts your portable device into your ‘C’ drive where
applications can be loaded and data files copied. It also provides the facility
to transfer your Mozilla and IE settings such as bookmarks, Home page, etc
through a Data Copy. This allows you to have your own personal bookmarks and
browsing settings when using MojoPac on a host PC. The ‘Data Copy’ option can
also be used to transfer files and folders from the host PC to the portable
device. So, effectively, the device having MojoPac is the real PC having all
applications and settings while the computer to which it is attached is just a
utility to run MojoPac. You can install applications on the portable device and
access them from any PC, anywhere. Most of the regular applications can be
installed, be they for business, developers, editing tools or games. MojoPac
allows full access to the host PC’s resources like printers, network, CD/DVD
drive and attached peripherals. It provides complete isolation from the host PC,
so that application data and settings are not stored on the host PC, including
browser history. We installed MojoPac Deluxe on a 110 GB portable USB HDD, and
installed applications like MS Office, Eclipse, Java SDK, etc on it, along with
importing IE settings. When plugging this device on an XP machine, without MS
Office or Java installed, we were able to work on Eclipse and create MS Office
documents. We were also able to have our IE bookmarks available. However, what
it lacks is security. In case, you lose the portable device, you lose all the
settings along with it. MojoPac is available in two versions—Deluxe is paid,
while Freedom is available for free but limited by the lack of technical support
and doesn’t have the option to configure auto-updates which run each time the
device is plugged into any host.

Shown here is the Mojopac
desktop on the host PC. You can freely use all your personal settings and

Bottomline: An ideal tool for
professionals to carry their personal settings and applications around, and that
too in a device that fits into their pocket.

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