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Wikipedia has its share of fans, and an equally huge number of critics. But
that has not stopped Openmoko from launching this monochrome screened,
unconnected (to the online world) and 3 buttoned WikiReader.

The WikiReader essentially holds the entire Wikipedia (text only) in a device
that fits in your palm. Access it anywhere; at home, in the office or even while
traveling. The WikiReader is dressed in white, which makes it prone to dirt.  It
weighs a pocket-friendly 130gms (including 2 AAA batteries and the micro SD

The company that makes the WikiReader claims that if used every day for 15
minutes, alkaline batteries will last a complete year. The screen is not
backlit, so you can’t see it in low light. The contrast on the screen is
adjustable, just like many older monochrome displays. The touch response is
quite good. Scrolling is smooth, and the response of the interface is quite
impressive for a small, AAA-powered device.

The WikiReader does not have any connectivity options. So, the question about
updates arises, since Wikipedia updates almost daily. Essentially the data is
stored on the supplied 8GB micro SD card, so you can download the update on a PC
for free and then transfer it to the card yourself (updates will be about 4GB in
size). You can also opt for the US$29 per year option and they’ll send you a
fresh microSD card with the update pre-loaded.

Openmoko Inc,

Specs: Wikipedia reader, monochrome touchscreen, powered by 2 AAA
batteries, microSD card slot, manual updates
Visit for more reviews

SMS Buy 130158 to 56677

Overall, the WikiReader is a good concept, which needs to be fine-tuned a
lot. Certain essentials are missing, which need to be added. The updates process
needs to be easier; downloading just the updated parts rather than the complete
4GB data would help a lot. Secondly, the screen should have a backlight. The
current screen is just brutal on the eyes, especially in poor lighting
conditions. This current version applies to you only if you have no access to
mobile internet and are constantly in need of an encyclopedia of information.

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