Motorola Razr 2023 Could Come with Largest Screen in Flip Segment Phones

Motorola is going to introduce an updated version of its well-liked Razr phone

Kapish Khajuria
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Motorola is going to introduce an updated version of its well-liked Razr phone. Leaked information about the future edition of Motorola's well-liked Razr phone says that it will come with a larger cover display than its predecessor.


The new device, code-named "Juno," is said to have a cover display estimated to be 3.6 inches or larger, as opposed to the existing model's 2.7-inch display, according to TechOutlook.

Motorola Razr (2023) Leak

A well-known leaker named Evan Blass has also provided some high-quality renderings of the Razr 2023. The new Razr 2023 will have a redesigned rear panel as well as a bigger cover display. A matte velvet AG glass with Motorola and Razr logos at the bottom and a glossy glass at the top possibly Gorilla Glass 5 divide the panel into two distinct sections.


The device's cameras have been moved from a raised camera island to the top left corner of the panel, where they will be housed.

The phone's renders do not show a selfie camera, despite the fact that the display of the new Razr is similar to that of the previous model, with fewer creases and slim bezels. On the other hand, it's possible that the device will keep its 32MP selfie camera from the previous model.

Oppo introduced the Find N2 Flip last week, which features the largest exterior screen ever seen on a flip-style foldable phone. Additionally, Samsung has stated that the Galaxy Z Flip5 will be available later this year. However, Motorola's most recent design appears to set a new market standard.

Flip-style foldables appear to be moving in this direction much more quickly than slab-style phones, which took a long time to become virtually all-screen. The large outer screen is expected to be a key feature that sets the upcoming Razr 2023 apart from its rivals and contribute to its sleek design.

It will be interesting to see how Oppo and Samsung react to Motorola's most recent offering, as the flip phone market is becoming increasingly competitive. Fans of the iconic brand are eagerly awaiting the release of the Razr 2023, and the leaked renderings suggest that it will not disappoint.