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PortableApps Suite is a collection of portable applications which can be
installed and run from a portable storage device like a USB flash drive, an iPod
or an MP3 player, or a portable hard disk. Currently, it allows you to carry a
total of 23 portable applications which include popular applications like
Firefox, Thunderbird, Calmwin,, GIMP, Putty, Audacity and VLC
Media Player. Now while traveling, you can just plug-in your portable device to
a Windows-based PC and access software such as your own Web browser with
bookmarks. You can also take your personal data such as e-mail, contacts,
calendar and appointments. Now your portable device would act just like your own
PC and the best part is that when the device is unplugged, none of your personal
data is left behind on the machine. The suite can come in handy in situations
where you need to make an important presentation and all of a sudden your
notebook crashes.

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Price: Free
USP: Carry your important apps and data
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You can use the copy of important files in your portable storage device by
running the office suite present in PortableApps after plugging into some other
Windows-based machine. This way you would not only be able to make your
presentation but also protect your data from being transferred to the other
machine. The software also comes with an anti virus application which can be
used to repair an infected machine and to ensure that your portable storage
device is virus free as you would be using it on many machines (some of them
might be infected).

Installing PortableApps is simple. Just provide the path of your USB flash
drive or the portable storage device where you want to install the application.
It takes about 10-15 mins to install itself on the USB drive. The complete
installation takes about 260 MB of space, so at least 1 GB of space is
recommended to run this software. Once installed the PortableApps icon is placed
on your system tray. You can click on this icon to launch PortableApps menu.
Here you can launch any application you want.

You can launch any app
from the PortableApps main interface. It also lets you backup and restore
files on any portable device

When an application is launched for the first time it takes you through a
short installation wizard. This application is installed on the portable storage
device itself. Now just use the application once so that your personal settings
are saved. The next time you launch the application, from the same or a
different location, your personalized settings will be loaded automatically. For
example, when you use Thunderbird for the first time, it will ask you for mail
settings such as incoming, outgoing server, username and password, etc and save
it in your profile on the portable device alongwith the email messages you have
downloaded. When you launch it the second time, all your personal settings and
e-mails will be loaded automatically.

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