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Come to think of it, video is a tool that you can use with potent effect to make your point, be it in the midst of a presentation, or in stand-alone form.

Three powerful things make video possible for almost anyone with the will to do it. The first is powerful PCs. Today’s powerful, but inexpensive, PCs make it possible to set up editing tables at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise. On the other side, you can play full-screen video on today’s PCs without effort. Then there are powerful editing and effects software that make it possible to add effects similar to the ones found in commercial movies. And finally there is digital video
(DV). Inexpensive DV cameras provide crystal clear quality, good enough for most needs. Also, DV cameras, coupled with
Firewire, eliminates the need for costly capture cards to move the video from tape to

Which Format?
From professional to home, video signals to aspect ratios, there’s a minefield of video formats
The Three-headed Monster
What a simple digital video editing station looks like
Mobikes, Mutual Funds, Magic
Ad-filmmaking is perhaps a bigger craft than any other filmmaking, as it generates interest and conveys your message within a strict time constraint. Here’s a peek into how an ad film is made
Editing with Adobe Premiere
Premier lets you bring in video and audio directly from a DV camera
Final Cut Pro 3.0
A versatile and cost effective package for editors who prefer a Mac
Editing with Main Actor
A useful package, but lacks the finesse and capabilities of other packages. Good for non-professional use
On the Sets of Sansaar’s Editing

How Avid Xpress churns out the story of Sansaar, the TV soap
An Entire DVD Movie on a CD!
Video compression lets you compress DVD movies into much smaller DivX files
Convert to Other Formats
Today a number of formats are available for different purposes. Here’s how to go about converting from one format to another
Ramayan Katha
BR Films’ Ramayan gets final form on Matrox hardware
Real-time Video Streaming
Using two tools to stream live content over the LAN or Internet
Pinnacle MP20
A capture card for desktops that connects up to three video sources simultaneously
Marvel G450 eTV
An AGP display, capture-cum-TV Tuner combo with good performance
Pinnacle DC2000
This professional solution lets you do video encoding and editing of MPEG2 in realtime
Free Capture Software
Some handy software which can do much more than just dump the video on your hard-disk
Professional Editing Cards
They have specialized hardware for quick and efficient editing
Multimedia Storage
Different options available and their advantages


Good script + editing = good video
If your video goes beyond a quick shot of your office, for example, then it is time that you sat down to write a good script, and get a good editor to get the end product ready.

A script in its simplest form puts down in words what the camera will show, and what the sound track will be at that time. Having a script will help you sharpen your thoughts and do a far better job than would be possible otherwise.

The shoot is the most visible and exciting part of all that goes into creating a video. But it is the editing that takes even more time and is as crucial to the creation of a successful video. Take the example of this month’s PCQuest TV (on this month’s CD). We spent about eight hours shooting the episode. But for editing, we took about five to six times as much!

How much does it cost?
All of us have heard of the billions spent on each Hollywood movie, and the many crores spent on every production from this side of the seas. If you go to an ad agency and ask them to make a corporate video, their quote would set you back by double digit

So, are all videos costly to make? No way! Take the case of our own PCQuest TV. If you want to make one of the segments in it (say, the one on video conferencing, or the one on motherboards), your budget need be just in the thousands.

Lavalier mic. Also called lapel mic, this is the small mic that is clipped to the clothes of the person being videographed

If your shooting and editing needs are simple, and if you have the major equipment (camera, editing software) in house, then you will find that for every additional small video that you do, your costs are almost negligible.

Krishna Kumar with inputs from Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Sharad Varma and Alok Kapur

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