Mozilla teams up with Intex & Spice to bring Firefox Smartphone in India

S Aadeetya
New Update

The Firefox smartphone initiation has well and truly begun and Mozilla is working its socks off to find the right set of vendors who can match up to their ambitions and offer Firefox OS powered devices at entry-level price point.


After globetrotting in search of such interested parties, Mozilla has joined hands with Intex and Spice; two smartphone brands who have been assigned the duty to make entry-level smartphones for consumers in India. The respective brands have officially informed about this arrangement and further went onto say that they will be launching Firefox OS powered smartphones, as early as next month, priced at sub Rs 3,000 price mark. "Mozilla has partnered with Intex and Spice, two of India's leading mobile device brands, to bring the first Firefox OS devices to India in the next few months," as per blog by Mozilla.

Ever since Android came to the fore in the smartphone space, Google has been touting the platform to be open as well affordable to anyone and everyone. Fast-forwarding to 2014 and those promises are yet to be fulfilled. Motorola has somewhat managed to vindicate Android's philosophy with quality-yet-affordable Moto E smartphone but barring that there are not examples to talk about.

And Mozilla's decision to opt for the entry-level space for its Firefox OS smartphone is a sensible one. India is highly recognized as a price-conscious market and what better way than making your debut in a country with 2nd largest population in the world with phones priced as low as Rs 2,000.

At this price, the highly anticipated Firefox devices carry less risk factor and offer a refreshing outlook to the whole open-source platform ecosystem. Can Intex and Spice offer what Mozilla is looking for? We'll get the answer in the coming months.