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A workspace that can be shared with others and is accessible from anywhere is
fast becoming a necessity for individuals that are always on the move. Office
Live Workspace is an online space provided by Microsoft for saving, accessing,
and sharing documents and files. Using it one can access his/her documents from
anywhere over an Internet connection via Web browser. This tool can be used for
grouping information for work, school, and personal projects. Consider an
example where a team is working on different modules of the same project and all
are on the move. Now to update each other about the status and to actually show
the amount of work done this workspace can be of great help. To use this
workspace there is no download required. One just needs to sign up and and get a
Windows live ID to start using it. The web interface of Live Workspace is very
well designed, making it very easy to use. One can create office documents on
their machines and directly save them in the provided Web space (using .NET

Another great feature of this workspace is proper management of different
versions of the same document. This helps in better understanding of content and
even enables one to rollback to a previous version if required. You can also add
comments to the documents for better communication. Sharing documents with other
users for viewing or editing is another useful feature of this Workspace. Other
users will also need to have MS Office installed on their machines if they want
to edit the documents. Viewing documents however, doesn’t require this. People
with MS Office installed will also need to install a Live update on their
systems. This is pretty easy to do and takes just a few minutes. Once done, you
can start sharing and working on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

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MS Office users
Create an online workspace to share MS Office documents
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After sign-in, all documents
that you upload to Office Live are listed in the middle. The interface is
quite simple and easy to use. You can easily add/remove/share documents
You can also create a new
workspace, or choose from existing ones. The pre-built ones contain document
templates for you to quickly get started


We created a Word document for
our workspace, which can be saved directly to Office Live Workspace, as
shown in the figure
After creating the document,
different versions of same doc can be saved. To achieve it click on
‘version’ and select ‘Save to version history’


You can also add comments to
this shared doc, which aides in communication amongst people sharing the
same document
To share the documents you just
need to type in the e-mail address of the individual you want to share the
information with


To edit the documents, click on
edit button which will open documents to be edited in corresponding office
programs (Word in our case) after authentication
Different versions of same
document and added comments are displayed on right-hand side of Window with
read-only view in the middle

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