Multiple devices and multiple screens in the post-covid era

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Edited excerpts from an exhaustive video interview with Vineet Taneja, Corporate Advisor, Angel Investor & Former CEO, Micromax Informatics

“Very broadly speaking pre-Covid, the laptop was for work, the phone was for fun, social networking, and on the go. The iPad or tablets were becoming more and more consumer devices. Then we had accessories, the important part of the ecosystem like headsets and speakers, etc. Every device had a distinct role. There were different roles for different things. Charging them used to be the biggest pain.

Post-Covid to some extent there were multiple usages across devices, apps were created, and WhatsApp came on the screen, and so on. But in the organized sector devices became more distinct because of a simple reason security became an issue. For example, I would never use my work laptop for anything else except work. It’s just a no-no.

That is why today I know so many people who have two laptops: one for work and one for personal purposes. Also, you need a backup. So work and personal devices became more and more distinct. That’s why a boom happened for these devices. Going forward, whether it’s things like wearables or headsets, including all the accessories, we will have even more devices.

Multiple devices and multiple screens

I am hearing that a lot of professionals like lawyers and designers are setting up multiple screens to work. Even youngsters work with one laptop below and two screens on top. One revolution that is I think is at the cusp of happening: We talk of screens rather than devices. The same device could be projected on different screens. There is innovation happening in the projection system using a very small projector. I use them all the time now. With a connected projector sitting with my laptop, I can put a movie or a match in the background. It will be multiple devices and multiple screens. Or finally, you could just have one computing device and multiple screens.

Devices and the future of travel

I think the frequency of travel and meetings will come down dramatically. I find that in my work life if I meet somebody, after that I can go virtual. Sometimes financial and commercial reasons drive these things. It’s much cheaper and corporates will save tonnes of travel and hotel money. I do hope for the benefit of mankind that we do not build personal relationships remotely. If that was to happen, that would be very very sad. That’ll be the end of humanity from an emotional perspective.

To me, the speed of change in everything is just phenomenal. I think the human side of it comes through a catalyst and not just through money and ecosystems. A catalyst like Covid has accelerated that. The catalyst was social networking earlier. Social networking platforms helped the entire penetration of smartphones. Blackberry helped the penetration of work email and devices. I don’t write off anything like a crazy idea when it comes to tech.”

These are excerpts from a video chat with Editor Sunil Rajguru and part of our PCQuest 35 Years Series on the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow of Technology.

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