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Application ecosystem is increasingly becoming the product differentiator for smartphones or tablets. The number of relevant applications present for a platform can change buying decision. If you have already invested in these devices, then start thinking about using apps for better ROI.

Blackberry Protect

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BlackBerry and its ecosystem has always been a primary choice for businesses. However, BlackBerry is trying hard to get over this perception and tap in business to consumer market as is shown in latest TV commercials featuring young generation. Benefit of BlackBerry and its push mail service can’t be questioned, but what if you can’t afford BlackBerry Enterprise Server or for that matter your setup does not support it (you have non-supporting email server, etc)? This package can be of great help to you. The free application can be easily downloaded from BlackBerry App World. You would require data services on handset and a BlackBerry ID to login into BlackBerry Protect web page Now that we know where to get this package and how to install it, let’s focus on long list of features. Using this package, you can remotely locate your handset from the URL and backup your contacts, text messages, calendar and bookmarks. You can also send custom message that would be displayed on screen of handset from this site so that person finding it can take appropriate action. Otherwise, you can make your handset ring out loud. But if you are sure that your phone is in hands of someone who can’t be trusted, there are two ways to remotely lock your phone or wipe out data. And then when you get your new phone you can get your data back. This way you only lose phone and not the information which at times can cost much more.

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Bharat Sync

Mobile penetration in India is huge and far ahead of broadband. One particular aspect of this penetration is the type of handsets used by majority of mobile users. There is a huge chunk of mobile users using low end handsets with limited features. Bharat Sync also known as BharatBerry (name says it all) is the service targeting these very people which form a huge chunk of workforce. So instead of giving high end handsets to your employees, you can use low end handsets with this service and save huge amount of money. By using this service, you get push mail service along with personal information synchronization between Bharat Sync server/ your enterprise server and handheld device. Finally the service would cost you almost nothing. We found out that charges by BSNL were around Rs. 50 per month for push mail and Rs. 50 for synchronization personal information. The combined plan is of Rs 80 per month. What is bit tricky though is initial setup which is quite confusing and given limited capability of handsets needs lot of patience.[image_library_tag 187/64187, alt=”” hspace=”4″ vspace=”4″ border=”0″ align=”middle” ,default]

Huawei Cloud+

What BlackBerry Protects brings to BlackBerry devices, Cloud+ brings similar features to Huawei devices with some added features. To begin with, this service is very simple to setup, configure and use with compatible devices coming preloaded with application suite. Similar to BlackBerry Protect, you can remotely backup data, locate device, send custom message to device screen, or in worse case delete data from device. Cloud+ also provides 16 GB of free online space which can be accessed from anywhere and would help you access your data when on move. Also included in this package is messenger with all necessary features. Social media stream provides you the latest updates from your social media accounts, and last not but least you would also get access to exclusive online market place from where you can download relevant apps.[image_library_tag 188/64188, alt=”” hspace=”4″ vspace=”4″ border=”0″ align=”middle” ,default]

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