My 5 Tech Predictions for 2016

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The last year ended on a controversial note with Facebook trying to grab the next billion Internet users in the garb of offering free Internet services. Instead of covering what’s already been extensively covered, I’ll talk about how this controversy and other key trends of 2015 will benefit you in the new year. So, here are my tech predictions for 2016:

1.Most innovations will happen around the mobile and IoT

There are about 100 million users online today, and this is already rising exponentially, thanks to smartphones. So experts predict that another 100 million users will go online in the next two years. Likewise, expect a lot more wearable devices, sensors, etc. to enter the market, and pave the way for lots of IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

What this translates to is of course a whole new digital economy, just waiting to be tapped by whoever wants to. Nobody can ignore it. You could be a customer to many services being offered over this channel, or you could be a business offering something to potential customers. Either way, it can’t be ignored, so expect lots of new innovations around these two areas this year.

2.Cost of Internet will come down drastically

Given the controversies surrounding Free Basics, and the fact that there will be such a large number of people coming on the Internet, the govt. will have no other choice but to introduce policies that bring down cost of accessing the Internet. In any case, with telecom operators gradually introducing 4G-LTE services, 3G data plans will also come down.

3.IoT will cause a multi-fold increase to the security threats landscape

Yes, as much as we’d like to avoid the discussion, but with growing mobile and IoT penetration, security will be a key concern in the coming year. When devices like your fitness meter, home automation equipment connect to the Internet, it will become a target of cyber criminals. Last month, I attended Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Discover conference in London and met one of their security specialists who had implanted an IoT device under his skin, just to demonstrate how it could be used to do a lot of malice. When it becomes as simple as a demonstration in a public conference, you can imagine how serious a security threat it could become.

4.Platform as a Service, or PaaS will take center stage

If 2015 was the year of private cloud and SaaS, expect a lot more action in the PaaS space, as more players start leasing out their platforms for companies to develop their cloud based solutions on. Companies who don’t want to spend money renewing expensive software licenses or going for pre-built SaaS based solutions, PaaS will offer them an opportunity to build their own customized cloud solutions.

5.Data will become the new oil of the 21st century

The growing base of Internet users serves as a terrific opportunity for any company, large or small. On top of that, technology has become more affordable, giving everybody an equal opportunity to innovate. Companies who are able to tap this growing base will grow much faster than those who don’t.

We hope you have a great and fascinating new year, and do send us your suggestions on what we else we cover that would benefit you.

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