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I am sure that a lot of CEOs have written about using tablets for their businesses, email, security issues etc. Therefore, I decided to only talk about the entertainment part and yes, I use my iPad for a lot of fun.

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First the games. My wife complains that ever since the iPad has come to house, the time I spend in playing games has gone up. Four games that keep me very busy are – Bridge, Sudoku, Backgammon and Poker. I use Fun Bridge which offers great deals that can help you work out your bidding as well as play. There are regular tournaments going on. I guess I end up playing atleast twenty deals everyday. I play the hard version of Sudoku from Finger Arts atleast twice a day – one on my way to office and the other on my commute back. I play Backgammon Gold from Mobivention. However, as I don’t find other online players, I end up playing against the computer. The computer plays a moderate game and so I end up beating it 99% of the times. Essentially, I play this game whenever I’ve lost in other games, to get some lost energy back.

I learnt Texas Hold’em Poker on Texas Poker platform. It has live people playing with false money, yet the thrill of moving up on higher tables, and betting large amounts is great fun. Currently, I have reached Level 41 and was up to $139 mn (which probably translates to $139 in real money). Lately, I have been on a losing streak and my winnings stand at $60mn.

To sum it up, I spend atleast 15 hours a week on the above games. No wonder my wife complains!

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Next comes the music. Besides the usual sites, I like to visit You can choose your mood and it automatically rustles up songs to suit that mood. Works beautifully in the background.

Of course, I could not do without reading books on my iPad. The tablet helps me to read a whole lot of classics that I read during my childhood but can’t find access to them now. For instance, Alexandre Dumas had four books between ‘The Three Musketeers’ and the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’. I went through all of them after all these years. And yes, while I’m reading, I do use the iPad in all positions and places including the bedroom and the washroom.

The tablet has indeed been a game-changer for me. It has replaced a number of other forms that I would have otherwise used. It is today, an indispensable gadget for me. Not only from a business angle but from the entertainment angle too!

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