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New Update

Here is a book that not only tells you what nanotechnology is, but also keeps you well informed about where it is applied. Once you have read it, you would be well versed with the technology terminology, be able to identify apps for the technology and how it affects computer science. The authors also discuss the potential of the technology in benefiting the environment.

Not just this, they also take a closer look at the movement of technology in the major economies of the world that are investing in nanotechnology. This includes the nano-initiatives in the US, Euro nano, nano in Japan, China, Asia and Israel. 

A very useful element embedded throughout the book is the Internet links that direct the reader to extra information on the subject. Written in a very easy-to-read style, the book is replete with examples, applications, illustrations and real-world applications. In all, it has a good mix of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. While the book does away with exercises and review questions, it really has no affect on the vast amount of information that it imparts on the topic.

Rinku Tyagi