NashWall's New Anti-Virus Targeted at Cyber-Warfare

PCQ Bureau
New Update

Cyber warfare is fought between rival intelligent agencies by exploiting loopholes, to install specially crafted tools & capture enemy systems. The compromised system is then used to capture (infect) other systems and to siphon off critical information. Almost all malware released by intelligent agencies, including Stuxnet, Flame & Red October, used the same methodology of installing sophisticated programs on compromised systems. These programs then download more tools for attacking other systems in the network. NashWall's unique feature of blocking installations of all kind has ensured virus proof systems, even when the system's memory gets infected. None of the systems with NashWall has ever got infected by sophisticated viruses like Conficker.

Another advantage of NashWall virus proofer is that it doesn't depend on signatures for protection. It is an ideal solution for defense systems as it doesn't need internet access, unlike most antivirus software that get outdated without signature updates. The systems cannot even be compromised internally, as user needs the password to install any software. Copying or modifications of applications are blocked, along with preventing running of apps, from external media like USB, LAN or Net. Virus proofer is the next generation virus fighting technology that uses 'Keep the Door Closed' concept. This prevents external programs to get into the system for gathering information.

Narendra Kumar, Founder and CEO at NashWall said, "The best way to protect a system during cyber warfare is to prevent unknown installations & executions. NashWall blocks all kinds of installations & allows only known applications to run. NashWall converts users PC into a military tank, all they need to ensure is to keep the top lid closed ! "