NEC India Introduces EXPRESSCLUSTER X to Ensure Business Continuity

PCQ Bureau
New Update

NEC India announced the launch of a new software solution — EXPRESSCLUSTER X 3.0 Series that ensures business continuity in the event of planned and unplanned disruptions.  The EXPRESSCLUSTER series offers powerful and accurate failure monitoring features, failover features that quickly inherit jobs to a healthy server when a failure occurs, and operation management features that determine where failures have occurred at a glance.


Backed by more than 10 years of proven innovation in mission-critical system protection and recovery, EXPRESSCLUSTER X is an integrated High Availability (HA) clustering software that offers functionality and reliability designed to ensure continuity of business critical systems with fast recovery of application and data to minimize disruption of essential business processes.

EXPRESSCLUSTER X 3.0 helps in detecting failures and automatically transfers operations to a standby server that continues to carry out application workloads.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Abhilesh Guleria, Head-IT Platform & Display Solutions Business, at NEC India, says, 'Due to recurring natural disasters and increasing security threats in India, business continuity and disaster management have assumed significant importance in the enterprise community. NEC is committed to empowering its customers with high reliability solutions with proven technology that can ensure business continuity and protect mission critical systems. Keeping this in mind, we are glad to announce NEC's unified middleware EXPRESSCLUSTER family of integrated High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) software providing wide range of solutions enabling fast recovery and continuous protection of critical applications and data.'

This software observes system operations, detecting failures and automatically transferring operations to a standby server that continues to carry out application workloads during disruptions. Unplanned downtime mitigation against hardware, software, and site failures and planned downtime mitigation against periodic hardware and software maintenance tasks that require system restart are also addressed. Combined with NEC's Fault-tolerant (FT) servers, NEC aims to bring about a complete business continuity solution to its Indian customers.