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This high-end 18” LCD monitor from NEC has a lot of useful features. It has three types of input connectors D-Sub, DVI-I and DVI-D. The D-Sub is the standard analog 15-pin VGA connector. DVI-D is a digital connector, while DVI-I supports both analog and digital inputs. However, DVI connectors are supported only by some high-end graphics cards. The LCD also supports switching between two simultaneous input sources, using a button on the panel. What this means is that you can switch between DVI-D/D-Sub and DVI-I inputs.

The LCD can be rotated by an angle of 90° giving a portrait view from the landscape view. This can be useful while viewing portrait images or reading long runs of text. The accompanying software lets you rotate your Windows desktop to work in the portrait mode. 

N   A   P   S   H  
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Price : Rs 115,000 (one-year warranty)
Meant for : Demo rooms, CAD/CAM users
Key specs : Can be rotated by 90o, auto-brightness
Pros : Good quality display with natural colors, small frame width
Cons : Heavy weight, consumes slightly more power
Contact : Shiba Comp, New Delhi.
Tel : 27430278/082.
E-mail : 

The LCD can be tilted in an angle range of -3° to 25° and adjusted for height by 4.5”. This way you can adjust it according to any need. The bezel size of the LCD is small. The power consumption is 50 watts, which is slightly more than similar Samsung LCDs. The OSD (On Screen Control) and buttons are easy to use with the feature of OSD lockout wherein somebody else cannot change your settings. It also supports wall mounting, so you can put it on a wall for viewing videos.

The native resolution of the LCD is 1280×1024 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. So, it will give best performance at this resolution only. Though 60 Hz refresh rate is considered poor, it performed very well at this frequency. The LCD boasts of some smart features. It automatically adjusts the brightness level with the application in use for optimal viewing. Another feature prevents the picture from moving out of the viewing area when resolution or refresh rate is changed. The vertical and horizontal viewing angle of the monitor is 170°, which makes it convenient to view from any angle. 

We tested the LCD with a GeForce4 graphics card giving digital DVI-D output. The display was very clear and easy on the eyes. The color contrast was extremely good, producing vibrant natural colors. As compared to the other two CMV LCD screens this one gave consistent picture quality when viewed from different angles with no changes in brightness or contrast.

The display quality was also better than the other two.

The Bottom Line This is a very good LCD monitor with good display quality, which may be required at demo rooms, game shows, CAD/CAM users or in surgical rooms. A good thing is its frame width, which is small saving space. One problem with it is its weight (8.2 Kg). But the price of Rs 115,000 is too much, even for such a good thing. We had earlier reviewed an LG 18” LCD (Feature-rich 18” LCD Monitor, page 131, PCQuest, October 2002) which was priced at Rs 83,000.

Anoop Mangla

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