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Net Whisper (Terminal) is a stand-alone VoIP terminal application that serves for a one-to-one voice communication over IP networks. It is H.323 compliant and is available for Win 9x/NT/2000 as a free download. It has an address book where you can add IP addresses and names of various destinations. The name then appears in a dropdown making it easy to call a particular IP. However, a small problem here is that when a call is received, it displays the name that the source IP has set, and not what you’ve set. This can be confusing as you may not be able to identify the caller. The audio quality through this terminal was clear during our tests and worked with minimum jitters when we tested on our local network.


Price : Free
Features Answering machine, message recording and address book
Pros : Answering machine feature works well 
Cons Doesn’t display caller ID you’ve set on your Terminal for incoming calls
Contact  :

The application has an answering-machine facility similar to the one on regular phones. You can create customized outgoing tones/messages, which will be played when it automatically takes your calls in your absence. The answering machine also lets the caller record messages, which can be played later. These are stored along with the caller’s IP address, date, time, message duration, and whether the messages have been read or not. The software also has a “do-not-disturb” mode wherein the caller will be automatically directed to the answering machine.

You can record messages for later playback

If you want to use Net Whisper, or any other terminal application to communicate outside the local network world, you’ll need a Gatekeeper application. For this, there’s also Net Whisper Gatekeeper software, which has to be purchased separately. For communicating to a public network, you would need a Gatekeeper account with an ISP. 

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