Netflix testing a new ‘Collections’ feature

Netflix is testing its new human-curated 'Collections' feature. it is looking for new ways to improve its service to better compete against rival services.

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Netflix has been reported testing a new Collections feature that will offer users content grouped into themes such as ‘Watch in One Weekend’ and ‘Stream and Scream.’ According to the company, the Collections are curated by the company’s creative teams instead of being pushed by the algorithms that generally recommend content to you on Netflix’s home screen.


The company is testing the feature only on iOS right and is being rolled out with a select number of people. If you find yourself in the alpha or beta test, you will get a pop-up when you open Netflix next. Collections are reported to take place of the ‘My List’ queue which is at the top of the app. You can still access the ‘My List’ in the ‘More’ tab.

In the alpha or best test, when you click on the Collections tab, you will now see titles such as Feel All the Feels, Critics Love These Movies

‘We’re always looking for new ways to connect our fans with titles we think they’ll love, so we’re testing out a new way to curate Netflix titles into collections on the Netflix iOS app,’ Netflix said in a statement to TechCrunch.

The company is also testing a feature which will use a user’s location to improve streaming quality when a user is on the go. Many users reported of being location tracked by Netflix. While the location tracking feature was reported as weird by many users as it doesn’t make sense for a streaming service to ask for a location. But, according to media analysts, Netflix could use location to improve data buffers in an area of limited connectivity.