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NetOp Remote Control (RC) is a software to help organizations remotely manage
hosts on their network. The key highlight of this software is that it let’s you
control machines on different platforms, which include Windows, Linux, Mac, and
Solaris. The software has two components, a Host and Guest. An administrator
would use the Guest component to connect to a Host computer to remotely access
and control it.

By using RC, a Guest can have full control of the remote machine, including
the authority to even Shutdown, Lock, or restart it. In addition to remote
control, RC also provides file-transfer between Guest and Host, text, audio, and
video chat, and login authentication for testing a Guest.

The Host provides full functionality for Windows platforms, and for Linux,
Solaris and Mac, it provides remote control, chat and file transfer facility
only. Similarly, the Guest module for Windows provides all functionalities, but
only remote connection facility is available for the Guest module on Linux,
Solaris or Mac platforms.

$183 (per Host) and $183 (per Guest)
Meant For:
IT managers
Key Specs: File transfer between a
host and a guest, guest ID authentication, transfer keyboard and mouse
controls to host
Pros: Multiple platform support,
data packet encryption
No file transfer between Linux guest and Windows host
Contact: M3 Idea Solutions—NetOp
India, Coimbatore, Tel: 2440402,
SMS Buy 131184 to 56767

The installation and setup of Host and the Guest components is easy. Once the
Host has been installed, it can be configured to cater to any Guest. Plus,
policy settingss can be made about each user’s access privilege. There’s an IP
filtering option that acts as security against unauthorized Host access. From
the Guest component, by entering the name or IP address and selecting the
communication profile, one can easily access the Host. The communication profile
is the protocol that the Host will be allowing that Guest for access.

RC provides additional functionality to Windows OS remote desktops, such as
cross-platform support, file-transfer between host and client with split-screen
and drag-drop feature, hardware and software inventory of the host system. It
also provides end-to-end encryption of data packets with 256-bit AES and Guest
authentication for remote control. The feature of Send/Retrieve clipboard
enables the contents of clipboard to be shared between the host and client

The software worked well over a LAN. However, when we tried to use it on a
256 kbps WAN connection, it didn’t work. Windows Remote Desktop however worked
fine on the same WAN link. So it would be nice if the software allows
connectivity over slow WAN links as well.

By selecting the host from
network-list and appropriate
communications profile, we can connect with the host machine

Bottomline: A good buy for enterprises
that want to centralize their maintenance and support tasks.

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