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NetWare comes with a utility called the Novell Upgrade Wizardthat let’s you migrate everything from NetWare 3.x. Though the utility saysthat it’s an upgrade, it lets you move all the user preferences and data fromone server to another. So it’s actually more of a migration than an upgrade.That’s why you’ll need to install NetWare 5.x on a different machine forthis process.

Before you begin migration, you’ll need to check if the IPXprotocol is installed on both servers. Also ensure that the network address onboth the servers is the same. You can do this by opening the file autoexec.ncflocated on each server using a text editor. The line will be of the form:

Bind ipx to net=a3

Here, a3 is the network address. You also need to ensure thatyour NetWare 3.x server is updated with the latest patches.

The Novell Upgrade utility is located in the product\upgrdwizdirectory of your NetWare 5.x OS CD. The utility can be installed on a Win 9x orWan NT Workstation client. Once you’ve installed the utility, you’ll need toupdate the NetWare 3.x server with a couple of files. You’ll find these in theProgram Files\ novell\product\nw3x directory of the client on which youinstalled the utility. Copy all these files to the sys: \system directory on theNetWare 3.x server.

Next you need to edit the autoexec.ncf file on the NetWare3.x server and add the following line:

load tsa31x.nlm

Here the x can be 1 or 2 depending upon whether it’sNetWare 3.11 or 3.12. Though all files are needed for migration, they need touse tsa31x.nlm file. You’ll then need to restart the NetWare 3.x server.


Run the Novell Upgrade wizard program from the client machine. This will ask you the version of NetWare to migrate from. Select NetWare 3.x or 4.x to NetWare 5, depending upon the one you have to migrate from. In the next step you have to give a name to this migration project. All information related to this project will be stored in an MDB file

In the next step, specify the source server and destination tree. Since NetWare 3.x works in bindery mode, you have to specify the server, and since NetWare 5.x works under Novell Directory Services (NDS), you have to specify the tree

The migration of objects can be done in multiple steps. You can choose a particular volume from the NetWare 3.x window and drag-n-drop it on a corresponding volume in the NetWare 5.x window. Before doing the actual migration, you can go to the project menu and select Verify Project. This will do a trial migration, and inform you of any errors in the process. This way, you can rectify all errors before proceeding with the actual migration 

Once the utility has accessed both servers, it will display their contents in a split window. The migration process is now as easy as dragging an object from the source NetWare 3.x server to the destination NetWare 5.x server

During the actual migration process, the wizard may ask you to do a number of tasks like selecting and applying a template object to the users being migrated, and choosing a volume to migrate the bindery print object. Once it’s satisfied with all the answers, it will migrate everything to the NetWare 5.x server. This includes everything from users, groups, all their rights, and even the login scripts.

At the client end, you’ll need to update the machines with the latest client that supports logging in to NDS. The NetWare 5.x server comes with the appropriate client.

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