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NetWare comes with clients for Win 9x/NT/2000. We checked out
the one for Win 2k. During installation itself, the client lets you choose
whether you want to login to a bindery server, or NDS (Novell Directory
Services). All NetWare servers of version 4.x and above support NDS. Select the
appropriate one, and click Next. You could either do a typical or custom
installation. The first installs the basic components you need to login to your
NetWare network.

After installation, you need to restart for the changes to
take effect. If everything went well, then you should get a login screen. If you
don’t, there could be a number of problems. The most common one is a loose
cable connection. so, ensure that it’s secure. You can choose where to login
only from this screen. You’ll find an "Advanced" button that pops up
additional login options. Here, you can choose which NetWare server and NDS tree
to login to. You can also specify your login context. There’s another tab that
allows you to control your login scripts. You can enable them, and display the
login text from this window.

The client also has advanced settings that should only be
tampered with if you know what you’re doing. For this, go to the Control
Panel, select Network, and look at Properties for the NetWare client. Here, you
can control advanced options like auto-reconnect level, receive broadcast
traffic, etc.

Removing the client

This can be useful in a large network containing lots of
printers, and a user has a specific type of printing requirement.

Anil Chopra

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