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One way of managing storage on your network involves
monitoring and managing space on all the disk drives on that network. Disk
Monitor allows you to do this remotely. Your network should have a Windows
domain and all the users should be authenticated with the Domain Controller.
Disk monitor’s application wizard scans all machines on the network and brings
out the drive information of all connected storage devices which are displayed
in drop down menu. Select the machine and its drives that you want to monitor,
and add them to the monitoring list. The main screen displays will show
the machine name, free space and the used space of the drive along with the file

Network and Storage admins
Managing all hard disks on the network
disk monitor
On PCQEssential CD: \Utilities\diskmonitor

Output logs are displayed in bottom pane and the connected nodes, with
all connected and non-connected drives, on the side pane. You can send alert
mail to the admin in case storage exceeds the threshold level.




It monitors the disks and gives information regarding the space left and allows full access over the network. You get a statistical report after polling at regular intervals


Click on the drive to see the folders on the disk and to monitor the usage of the drive. In Properties, set the critical and threshold values
3 For sending e-mail, configure mail connection properties with mail server, logon and form information


At any point of time you can change the polling information frequency ranging from minutes to weeks

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