The all-new macOS update is here now and it’s a big SUR WWDC 2020

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Apple’s WWDC 2020 live event has been impressive. There is a new iOS 14. A new iPadOS 14 and even the Apple earbuds are getting spatial audio. Now, when it comes to the macOS everyone was wondering about Apple cutting ties with intel as their processor partner and going with someone else. They did do that but more on that later. What also happened was the biggest os update for macOS since macOS 10. The all-new macOS Big Sur came out. Whoever came up with the name was a genius. 

big surSushant Singh | Pcquest

As the Big Sur name implies it is a massive update that overhauled the look and feel of the macOS. Macbooks are some of the best laptops which combine the power of amazing hardware with unmatched software to give the users the best experience possible. With the new Big Sur update, Apple has managed to single-handedly increase the already huge gap between itself and any other OS in the market. There is a lot of thought that has gone into making the Big Sur update. Everything from the icons looks to the famous Apple dock has been revamped and made a lot more cleaner. The big sur update is more focused on the theme of minimalism and productivity than anything else. 


A New and Improved Safari

Apple has updated its Safari browser to a whole new level. It is now faster, safer, and cleaner than ever before. The new safari is so fast that Apple has claimed that it can load webpages 50% faster than its closest competition the Google Chrome. Apple has also improved the extensions on the Safari so now they will only function when they need to so the user experience is not hampered in any way. 


iOS Native Apps Support

This one is special in the big sur update. For a long time, Macbook users have wanted to have the iOS apps to run on the MacBooks as well. Windows already does it with the Microsoft store where users can download apps that can run both on phones and on windows running devices. Apple has addressed this in the Big Sur update. Now users can run native iOS apps on their MacBooks as well. This is a huge move that users are going to love. This also opens doors for developers to make apps that can run on all the Apple devices making the Apple ecosystem more complete. 

big surSushant Singh | Pcquest

Control Center 

The Big Sur update is surely a big one. There is a new control center on the mac now. Located on the top right corner of the screen the new control center will let users control everything from brightness to wifi to sound and much more just from a simple dropdown menu on the macOS. Users can also drag from the control center any option that they want directly to the menu bar. Just like in Windows 10. 


Brand Spanking New Notification Center

Remember when windows did the big unveil of their notification center that showed all the controls and notifications in just one place and people loved it. Well, Apple now has done it too but in the usual Apple fashion, it is much better. The new notification center shows all the notification in just one place. Just click on the time in the top right corner of the mac and it opens up the notification center with all the notifications and widgets in one place. If there are multiple notifications from the same app then those notifications will be grouped together to give it a cleaner look. Yeah, even the mac gets those beautiful widgets.   

There are a lot more improvements in the Big Sur update. The message has been revamped and offers the same functionality as the iOS 14 update. Maps have been made more user friendly and powerful. Even music and podcast apps have been improved a lot. The Mac Catalyst has been supercharged in this update. Needless to say, Apple has gone big with the Big Sur. 

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