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Canaveral iQ is a terminal server enhancement for Windows and works just like Enterprise 3 from Tarantella, which we reviewed in November 2003 (page 115). One difference is that this one is completely Windows based. The server can be installed on a WinNT Terminal Server edition or Win2000 Server/Advance Server with terminal services running. The other thing is that, unlike Tarantella, which supports a long list of OSs as its clients, this only works with Windows machines running the client for terminal services. So no Linux clients here! The main aim of the software is to Web enable specific Windows applications and provides user level access to them. Also, you can monitor user session activities, weather you have a Domain or Workgroup architecture. The minimum system requirements for this software is PII 256 MB RAM, but it’s recommended that you run it on a contemporary server and base your specs on the number of users that will connect to it simultaneously. 


Price: Rs 5,000 to 10,000 per user (Annual technical support costs 20% extra and includes updates and upgrades) 

Key specs:
Comprehensive interface, works well at low bandwidth

Insight Computech, Delhi. 
Tel: 51521222


When you add any application to the software and try to access it from a client on the Internet/intranet, the software first downloads a plug in for the Web browser-as it doesn’t have a native client like in Enterprise 3 -and installs it on the client machine. It doesn’t have a native client like in Enterprise 3. This enables it to connect to the terminal server session and then start a session by launching the application. It then hides the actual remote desktop. You will actually see the desktop flash for a second before the application loads. After that you’ll only see the application window on the client machine. This saves bandwidth compared to the legacy procedure of connecting through remote desktop because it only loads the application. 
We tested the software by running an application (Pinball) on it over a shared DSL line of 64 Kbps and accessing it remotely.

The software took long to connect to the application server and launch, but after connecting it ran quite well. 

Unlike Enterprise 3, Canaveral iQ has two different Web Interfaces for management (http://yourserver/console) and regular application access (http://yourserver/launchpad). The management console is as comprehensive and easy to use as Enterprise 3. You can add applications, servers, server roles, users, groups and can allot specific applications to specific users from here. Canaveral iQ also supports clustering and can intelligently switch over to the server which can give faster and best access to a connected user at a single point of time.

The software is cheaper than Enterprise 3 and makes itself a better buy for SMEs that don’t have a heterogeneous network. Depending upon the requirement and functionality of the software, it can cost between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 per user.

Anindya Roy

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